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First, welcome to my blog spot! Facebook and Instagram just wasn't going to cut it on explaining to you all the importance and inspiration behind some of these money saving tips. Here I am, blogging again!
Welcome, let me give you some heads up. I'm an accountant by trade so please excuse any grammatical errors in advance, I promise to do my very best! Another, pre-warning this a judgement free zone. All that I am sharing is the truth and nothing but the truth. I've taken my pain and am turning it into purpose and am sharing some very personal experiences here.
Warning number 3, God is the head of my life if sharing of religious experiences bothers you, it's a good chance you will be very bothered and should probably just stop reading now. Last warning, prepare your mind to gain some new perspective growth is not a place of comfort.
Netflix & Chill
Let's get to the topic at hand, Netflix and chill. $215 a month for cable or $20 for Netflix and Hulu? I say, let's Netflix and chill. A major way to save some money is to cut the cable. The extra money spent on cable television can go towards paying off debt, saving, investing, your start up company or next vacation. Believe me, you can do it. You'll be so focused on creating the life you want to life you want to live or actually living it you won't even miss live television.
It's a good chance you're already paying for internet so there's no additional cost for it. Hulu has several of the reality shows available shortly after they air on television. Use Netflix or the Amazon Firestick for the movies you want to watch. For local news, simply purchase an antenna for your television from your local Wal-Mart or on Amazon.
Today's money saving tip was inspired by my lovely sister. I've never been much of television type of person, even as a child. My sister is probably one of the most hustling people I know, I love you Chyrisse if you're reading this. She called me asking me for my Netflix password as she's trying to cut cost. Another money savings tip is sign up for a family plan and split the cost.
The only downfall about this tip is you might miss out on some conversational opportunities or get teased for not being "in the know." Don't take it to heart, stay focused on your goals! Next thing you know those same people will be calling asking for money saving tips or your Netflix password.

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